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The Eustachian tubes connect your ears to the back of your throat. When they are working properly, these tubes drain the fluid produced in the middle ear. If the tubes are blocked, the fluid from the middle ear backs up and increases the risk for infection. Ear infections are especially common in babies and children because their Eustachian tubes clog more easily than those of adults. Allergies, tobacco use, sinus infections, and colds can all cause Eustachian tube blockages. People who have overgrown adenoids are also at risk for developing ear infections due to blocked tubes.

Ear Lavage

Several things increase the likelihood of a child developing an ear infection. They include climate changes, exposure to cigarette smoke, pacifier use, altitude changes, and other illnesses. Children who attend daycare also have a higher risk of developing ear infections. Babies and young children are often very irritable when they develop ear infections. Adults and older children usually experience ear pain, temporary hearing loss, fullness in the ear, and general feelings of illness. Some people also have vomiting and diarrhea.

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Untreated ear infections can lead to permanent hearing loss and other problems, so visit our urgent care center in Pompano Beach if someone in your family has ear pain or other symptoms of an infection. One of our physicians will examine the ear and look for redness and swelling. A physician can also prescribe medications and other treatments to relieve pain and clear up the infection as soon as possible.

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