Physical Examinations

A physical examination is a routine test your doctor performs to check your overall health. It is also known as a wellness check. We here at Broward Outpatient Urgent Care offers Physical examinations fall into the following categories:


Primary Care Health Screening:

Many students wonder if they need a periodic physical exam just to see if there’s something they should be doing for their health. At Broward Outpatient Urgent Care, we call these types of visits Primary Care Health Screenings. This type of exam is covered by your insurance company. However, if you have no symptoms, complaints, or concerns, there is seldom a need for this type of exam. If you do please schedule an appointment at 954-532-6409.

Sports Physical Exam:

Every school year, Broward Outpatient Urgent Care provides thousands of school, sports, and camp physicals to area students and athletes. With our Pompano Beach urgent care center that are open late into the evening and on the weekends, Broward Outpatient Urgent Care makes it easy to get a school physical at your convenience. Just stop by our office - no appointment is necessary. NO WAIT TIME !

Physicals are required by most school systems as a prerequisite for participating in certain activities. Physicals vary from school to school, but Broward Outpatient Urgent Care will often have your school's physical form on file. Let Broward Outpatient Urgent Care help take the hassle out of getting your student's school physical. Sports and School Physicals Broward Outpatient Urgent Care is offering School Physicals for $20 - grades K-12 at our convenient location in the heart of Broward County. No appointment necessary.

Immigration Physical Exam:

Immigration physical exam is required by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) for certain individuals seeking permanent residence in the United States. This examination must be done by a medical doctor who is approved by USCIS to perform such physicals. After the performance of the immigration physical, if all the requirements are met an I-693 form will be completed.

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